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Smoke alarm testing  

<Smoke alarm test tunnels, type EN 54>

Smoke alarm test tunnels, type EN 54
for controlling the quality of optical detectors, ionisation detectors and heat detectors.

Our test tunnels are constructed of stainless steel sheet, are double walled and heat insulated. The inner lining has a cross section of 0.4 x 0.4 m and the outer lining is 0.5 x 0.5 m. The overall length of the channel is approximately 4.20 m, the channel (without frame) is 2.10 m high.

The tunnels are modular and are assembled from replaceable channel segments and elbows. It is thus possible to extend every channel at a later date, e.g. by adding a cooling segment with a pneumatic telescopic refrigeration system.

Our test tunnels are equipped with the following measuring instruments: Thermometer, anemometer and extinction measuring device. They also come with an aerosol generator with process control computer that regulates the wind speed and temperature in the channel, generates the required concentration and temperature ramps and automatically cleans and cools the channel after each measurement.

An ionisation measuring instrument (MIC) is not installed as standard. However, the corresponding clamp for installing an MIC is fitted.

Other products for testing according to standard EN 54:

  • Aerosol generator AGW/R for standard-compliant particle size distribution
  • Extinction measuring device AML
  • Orifice apparatus with control unit S00270
  • Swing mechanism for determining direction dependence S00269
  • Refrigerating set for channel S00294
top Smoke alarm test channel, type EN 54
Smoke alarm test tunnel, type EN 54
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