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Products :

Aerosol measuring technology

Aerosol generation

Filter testing

Smoke alarm testing

Bulk material assessment

Ringer Bath Handler

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Lorenz Messgerätebau company profile  

LORENZ Messgerätebau
has been developing and producing measuring equipment for the last 20 years.
During this time our initial production of electronic thermometers in glass casings for the chemical industry has grown into a broad range of products and services.
A team of technicians, engineers and physicists work on developing and producing equipment and complete facilities in the field of measuring, controlling and monitoring technology.
Our equipment is designed in such a way that it can be easily adapted to suit our customers' specific requirements.

Our product ranges:

  • Measuring equipment to assess the airborne fine dust proportion of bulk materials
  • Measuring equipment for airborne contaminant filter tests, for monitoring immissions and determining concentrations of gas-borne solid and liquid particles
  • Extinction measuring equipment to determine the concentration of airborne contaminants in air channels
  • Aerosol generators to generate test aerosols
  • Wind tunnels with the required facilities for testing smoke alarms and fire alarms
  • Ringer Bath Handler for working with tissue cultures

We specialise in adapting our equipment to suit our customers' specific requirements.

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