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<Aerosol generator AGW/BMVI>
<Aerosol generator LAG>

Aerosol generator AGW/BMVI
for generating test aerosols from liquid media such as liquid paraffin, DEHS.
Our AGW aerosol generator is the further developed successor of the nebuliser CH462 type VI from Dräger and is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

The aerosol generator AGW/BMVI complies with the following standards:

  • Airborne contaminant test:
    • EN 143
    • EN 149
    • DIN 24184
    • TL 4240
  • Smoke alarm test:
    • EN54-7


  • The integrated process control computer controls and monitors the generator fully automatically.
  • No external dilution facilities are required: The generator produces the required amount of aerosol in the required concentration.
  • The average particle size can be adjusted.
  • RS232 interface to a PC.
  • To automate customer-specific applications, both analogue and digital inputs/outputs are available for connecting the generator to peripherals.
top Aerosol generator AGW/BMVI
Aerosol generator AGW/BMVI

Aerosol generator LAG
Depending on the specific application this generator uses one or more Laskin nozzles to generate test aerosol from liquid media such as liquid paraffin, DOP, DES.

The features of the LAG:

  • Extremely high aerosol concentration
  • Broadband particle size spectrum
  • Three-phase separator for the large particle range
  • Fully automatic aerosol medium level regulator guarantees a constant production of particles.

Anywhere where large aerosol quantities are required, such as:

  • Leak testing
  • Oil thread test
  • Filter testing for large volumetric air flows
top Aerosol generator LAG
Aerosol generator LAG